Mobile App Testing and Your Enterprise

cffWith the advent of smart phones and the advancement in the mobile technology, people are using the device more and more for the purpose of communication and for accessing the web. Statistics show that in the near future, the number of people using mobile to access the web will be far more than people using the desktop or laptop to do the same.

With the increased popularity of the smart phones, the competition among the mobile app developers has also increased as each strives to make their app a favourite among the target customers. One of the best ways to make your app a favourite among the customers and to generate profit for your enterprise is by testing the developed app before launching it for public usage so that you can rectify the necessary glitches that may cause the dissatisfaction of the customers.

In order to perform the mobile app testing procedure in a simple yet effective way which also saves time, you may want to follow certain strategies which will help you to enhance the customer base of your enterprise and also earn greater revenue

Best Place to Learn Programming

vrNowadays, Programming is not just for computer geeks anymore, it has become a “must have skill” to stay in the market.

Coding is an incredibly much valuable skill for employers and members of any business team. With programming, you can make your own website, mobile app. If you learn to program, you can take your entrepreneurship skills to the next level.

Everyone holds the equal potential, and the chance to learn programming language easily. Today, we will show you a list of top websites that will help to learn to program.

Code Academy

Code Academy is one of the best places to learn programming languages. It is a well known first stop for those who are looking to begin their programming education.

Students can learn to code from their several different courses like:

  • HTML & CSS
  • JAVA
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • Make a Website
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Angular JS
  • SQl
  • Python
  • jQuery

MIT Open Courseware

If you want to learn to code in a high-class university level – then MIT Open Courseware is the best place for you. So take advantage of this opportunity and check out top courses like:

Introduction to Computer Science and Programming, Introduction to Programming in Java and Practical Programming

Why Would Companies Hire JavaScript Developers?

cxCompanies are of late putting more emphasis on hiring JavaScript developers. The businesses are nowadays spending a good deal of money, time as well as efforts to recruit talented, especially the younger and fresher ones mainly for their quality of expertise and because of the fact that they are in tune with the latest technology and trend of development.

Now, there are a number of reasons why modern businesses are putting their money on JavaScript developers.

The primary reason why businesses bank on these is their background education. Most of candidates have a bachelor’s degree in software engineering, computer science, information technology and other degrees that are pertinent with the niche of business that is run by the companies.

However, certain businesses put more emphasis on the experienced, rather than the degrees they possess. That is a different issue altogether though.

Businesses put money because of a solid understanding of the software development life cycle which these professionals have. Plus, they have a strong concept – a fact that augments their programming skills for the client-side as well as server-side languages. This is extremely important as not

The Importance of a Quality Website to Your E-Commerce Business

If you are running an e-commerce business or planning to start one soon, then you should already know that your website is the most valuable asset that you own. Even though it might not cost as much as your office space or your products, your website is where customers interact with your business and its products or services before making the decision to buy from you.

If your website is not up to par then you will be likely to have low conversion rates, which would eventually impact your bottom line. To avoid that, it is essential that you ensure your website checks all the right boxes.

Features Your Website Must Have

Security – Security is a very big issue nowadays, considering the rate at which websites are getting brought down by DDOS attacks and a variety of other methods. Another threat that is even bigger is that websites can be hacked and confidential data stolen from them.

A breach like that would be a big blow for an e-commerce company, since people would be much more reluctant to trust you with their financial details, or even any other information. There are many security

Skills Required to Be a Good Java Developer

  • Coding: Be strong with the basics. Tutorials must be gone through, exercises must be done and the lessons must be well read. While creating a code, make sure you understand each and every line. Keep utilities and configuration snippets as they are all very vital.
  • OOPS – Build Strong Foundation: Having a strong understanding in OOP (Object Orientation Program) is a must. Without having much knowledge on OOPS nobody can understand the beauty of JAVA programming.
  • Follow Technology Trends and Practice Hard: Always be on the lookout for new framework and always stay updated. Creating a simple client server TCP service and using them will help a lot. Understanding the source codes of various successful and popular frame-works is a must and it can only be achieved with a lot of practices.
  • Keeping the problems solved: All software are designed to solve user problems and a wide range of other problems. A good Java Developer understands the class loading process and how it usually works. Understanding the garbage collection and minimizing it is a must. A good java developer must also know when to use the design pattern.
  • Mastering Core APIs: Many people may be strong on theoretical knowledge, but having a strong knowledge

Biometric Authentication on IOS Swift for Creating Personalised Customer Accounts

Biometrics and iBeacon with Swift

Apple introduced biometric scanning with iPhone 5S and though it was used originally for unlocking the phone, its utility was foreseen to be much more than that as cloud technology grew. The extra layer of fingerprint authentication provides additional security and potential access to information on the cloud.

For retail point of sale systems, the iBeacon, combined with biometric scanning enables retailers to enhance customers’ in-store experience. They can send virtual greetings and inform them about special promotions based on pre-recorded customer choices captured via the beacon. With iOS 7 support, developers can integrate these features in a variety of technologies.

Swift and Biometrics

Swift has upgraded to Swift 2 and Apple has published the XCode 6 along with Cocoa and Cocoa Touch and OS X. With all these new development tools, developers can write secure codes with mechanisms to provoke all variables to initialise before first access. TouchID fingerprint API for Swift is available under iOS 8 to developers. They can now play with the technology and integrate it for diverse purposes on applications.

Local Authentication with Biometric under Swift

Local Authentication (LA) context, as per Apple’s definition is, “Authentication contexts are used to evaluate authentication policies, allowing apps to

Managing Customer Privacy With iBeacon & The New IOS Swift Codes

The iBeacon transmissions enable the receiver to identify things they are near and estimate the distance. Thus, information cannot be collected without permission. It has simple protocols that perform direct instructions and are not tools for advertising, but for creating an efficient and personalised shopping experience.

Two-way iBeacon Communication with Swift Programming

iBeacon can transmit information to another beacon device within proximity of up to 20m. With simple Swift codes, by turning on the Bluetooth, simple messages can be transmitted to the receiver device. A UIViewController coding enables creation of the Beacon, which is broadcasted by UUID and major and minor numbers and CoreBluetooth and CoreLocation libraries. With the IBAction function, the transmit button is hooked up. The viewController handles the iBeacon’s detection and the customer can than decide whether to view the beacon message.

The Beacon must be started once the region is entered, for this, the didStartMonitoringForRegion and didEnterRegion methods are applied. Once the ad is displayed, if the customer finds it to be irrelevant, they can delete it and unsubscribe from further notifications. Thus, the customer maintains control over what ad is displayed and whether to send status updates or not.

Beacon Security

Beacons are extremely low energy and can only transmit

Top Reasons Why Should You Consider Hiring a WordPress Developer

With the availability of development tools and resources demonstrating the process to develop a site, it’s not surprising to hear people calling website development an easy job. But, in reality, developing a website is an art that requires plenty of skills, coding knowledge and expertise. Of course, a professional might still find building a site a hassle-free task. However, novice developers or individuals are likely to encounter several issues during the process.

Besides, as more and more people are making efforts to come up with winning solutions, it has become needful to build sites that offer something unique to target audience. In short, to create an edge over your competitors, it is important to develop a site that offers exceptional and distinct user experience. Thus, it is advised that you must hire WordPress developer to get the job done with efficiency.

Below are some of the biggest reasons that will decide as to why you should consider employing the services of a professional:

1. Make a Theme Tailored to Suit Your Needs

Your website theme is critical for modifying the look and feel of your site. Also, it helps determine how your site layout will look and function. Needless to say, a well-designed and

Last Minute Checks Before Deploying Your Website

As a developer myself, I am fully aware that it is all too easy to miss something before concluding that a bug is fixed. To help prevent, or at least reduce some regression errors from occurring, I have put together this checklist which can be used to run through as a final sanity check before releasing the change to a production environment.

Different Web Browsers.

Today there are many different web browsers which are used to view web pages. Each one interprets the HTML in mostly the same way, but there are subtle differences. The HTML standard has evolved in parallel to the web browsers, making it a challenging task for the browser developer companies to keep up. This has lead to some browsers not supporting all features. It is important for a web developer to keep track of the most used browsers and know which versions are used by their end users. The most common browsers today are Chrome, Internet Explorer versions 9 to 11, Firefox, Safari and Opera. It is a safe bet to support at least the first three of these to guarantee the robustness of the website .

Different User Types.

A web application may be used in different ways

The Problems Faced In Using Predictive Model With R Programming and MySQL

In this article we will have a brief discussion about Big Data.

Even if you show even a minute amount of interest in the technical aspects of the net and connected devices, you should be well aware of how humongous amounts of data are generated on daily basis and owe their origins to several sources and so it is necessary to have an analytics layer in order to make the best of all of the data that is available to us. Predictive analysis is only becoming more and more relevant which promises to have a significant positive impact on businesses as well as the bottom line.

But the problem with predictive analysis lies in the fact that it is dependent large sets of mathematical computations and is a process that requires large amounts of memory to be present. So when we computationally deal with Big Data, performing mathematical computations on the same becomes even more difficult.

So we end up facing two particular predicaments:

• Optimizing the process of computing for predictive analysis of Big Data in the presence of computational resources that are comparatively limited in scope.

• And figure out ways through which we may deal with huge amounts of data with

Best Practices in Web Application Testing

With more and more users accessing websites on their smartphones, tablets and phablets, it has become essential for businesses to optimize their web applications for mobile devices. At the same time, each business needs to test the web application thoroughly to ensure that it delivers richer user experience across many browsers and under various conditions. While testing modern web applications, QA professionals have to address challenges related to integration, interoperability, performance, usability and security. So the QA professionals must follow simple best practices to test the web applications more effectively.

7 Best Practices for Web Application Testing

1) Focus on Cross-Browser Compatibility Testing

Nowadays most businesses opt for responsive web design to make their web applications deliver richer user experience on each device. The new approach requires programmers to make websites responsive by using open web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. At present, older versions of certain web browsers do not support HTML5 fully. So the testers need to check how the app performs on both older and current versions of major web browsers. They can even use specialized automation tools to test the application across many browsers quickly and efficiently.

2) Test Each Important Element of a Web Application

While testing a web

The Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Right FPGA Board

New to FPGA boards and not sure where to start? The technology world can be a confusing place for beginners and pros alike, and it certainly doesn’t help when everything has an acronym. For instance, learning that FPGA actually stands for Field-Programmable Gate Array is just the first step in acquiring enough knowledge to feel comfortable in choosing the right FPGA Board for your needs. When it comes to integrated circuits, though, there is some basic information that can steer you in the correct direction, simplifying your search.

FPGA Board- What is it?

A field-programmable gate array is simply a customizable group of electronic circuits, like transistors, resistors, and inductors, usually on a silicon board. These electronic circuits allow electric currents to flow through the mechanisms. Oftentimes, these integrated circuits are pre-programmed and the user purchases a specific type of integrated circuit for his purpose. Many other fields and users require a customizable board, in order to meet a specific need. An FPGA Board allows a user to program the circuit after the board has been manufactured.

How can these boards be programmed after manufacturing?

The configurable logic block is the beginning point for any FPGA Board. The logic block uses Boolean functions to

Some Amazing Uses of the PHP Programming Language

PHP or Hypertext Processing is a programming language that is becoming increasingly popular among the users. It’s efficiency and friendliness allows it to be the ideal programming language when it comes to web browsing.

One of the biggest software needs in today’s time is to have a command when it comes to designing and developing information in a web browser. PHP allows you to enjoy that because of its various functions. PHP allows you to have a mixture with HTML as well to get your desired outcomes.

One of the biggest benefits of PHP is for the beginners, who find it easy to read and comprehend. For people making use of long scripts, this is a huge blessing. It allows user to have more command and along with that it has shown a better performance. This is the reason why the PHP documents are always in a higher demand. Of course, what makes it even better is that it is free of cost. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can access PHP at anytime and anywhere.

Although it is majorly focused on sever side scripting, PHP has several benefits that you may wish to use it for!

1. PDF Files

How MySQL Has Been Able to Maintain Its Popularity Over the Years

A number of recent studies have revealed that most enterprise customers nowadays prefer open source databases over commercial databases. Based on their requirements, the enterprises also have option to choose from a number of open source relational database management systems (RDBMS) including MySQL, MangoDB, Cassandra, Redis and PostgreSQL.

But the usage statistics posted on various websites indicate that MySQL is more popular than other open-source and proprietary relational database management systems. Despite being an open source relational database management system, MySQL is currently owned by Oracle Corporation. The enterprise customers also have options to use several paid editions of MySQL to avail additional features and functionality.

Why Many Enterprise Customers Prefer MySQL to Other Databases?

Easy to Use

Many users find it easier to install, implement and use MySQL than other RDBMS. The developers can easily install MySQL without dealing with complex configurations. At the same time, they can use a number of third-party tools to implement the database according to their requirements. Each programmer familiar with Structured Query Language (SQL) can further use the database without any hassle.

Reduces Project Overheads

As noted earlier, Oracle Corporation currently owns MySQL. But the company has not converted the software licensed. Now MySQL includes both open-source and closed-source

Why Should You Choose an IOS Mobile App for Your Business

There was a time in 2007 and 2008 when Apple’s iOS ruled supreme and developers around the world remained focused upon mobile apps for Apple only. The smartphones made by Apple are even today high in demand and considered a status symbol by the owners. Mobile app development for Apple’s App Store that ran in thousands in 2007-8 have today reached a staggering figure of more than 1.5 million. Google introduced Android OS within a year of introduction of iPhones and it has become the most popular OS for smartphone manufacturers around the world. Google play store has more than 1.5 million mobile app users around the world.

How to Choose?

Different businesses have different choices when it comes to apps. These choices depends on the revenue, development platform and the targeted customers. This means that you must be ready to have mobile apps that can run on various mobile platforms. However, due to budget constraints, you may start your business through iOS mobile app development due to the following reasons:

The OS that is the first choice of most of the developers around the world remains iOS app dominated despite it having been relegated to 2nd place by Android app development.

Cross-Platform Mobile App Testing

The advanced tools have made it easier for businesses to create cross-platform mobile apps by leveraging a single codebase. The developers can further use specialized tools to update the application quickly across multiple platforms and devices. However, it is always important for the business to customize the application for each platform to boost its usability and user experience. Likewise, the business must test the cross-platform mobile app thoroughly and effectively to make it popular and profitable in the longer run.

5 Cross-Platform Mobile App Testing Best Practices

1) Define the App’s Functional Requirements Clearly

To identify all defects and flaws in the application, the QA professionals must understand its functional requirements clearly. The clearly-defined functional requirements will further help the business to test the app effectively across multiple devices, platforms and networks. The business must prepare a comprehensive list of functional requirements of the app, and share it with the testers from the very beginning. The list will make it easier for testers to identify the expected bugs or defects in the application by testing the app in most appropriate scenarios.

2) Follow Guidelines of Each Mobile Platform

Each mobile platform requires app developers to follow certain guidelines. So each business must follow the standards


The Actual Importance

Every beginner to Java struggles for a while in trying to figure out the real benefits of learning and implementing Java. You’ll come across a lot of programmers questioning its real life application as well. Since it’s not used in many of the top games and applications, is there any point in learning and investing time to understand the complications of Java? If you struggle with this question, you’re not alone there.
Whether we look at the e-commerce websites or merely android applications, Java is everywhere. The real world applications are still very much valid. If you’ve ambiguities, find out the best reasons to be still using Java.

1. Android Applications
As mentioned above, this is where Java is still popular. As a beginner, if you’ve confusions related to Java, merely opening up your android phone would help you to realize how vital it is to learn and invest your time in mastering at Java. Almost every other app you’ll come across makes use of Java. This is the reason why programmers dealing with Java programming language are mostly Android App developers.

2. Security
Security is important everywhere, especially on the web. This is where Java programming language really wins the show

Tips to Effectively Outsource Programming and Other Services

This article briefly discusses basic tips on how to outsource IT services effectively. It also includes the key to successful hires, particularly in programming.

Startup businesses usually tend to be ambitious with their operations that they take on every possible task out there. The desire to be competitive pushes them to get all willing clients, but oftentimes, they lack the expertise and time to get to work on it. They lose the ability to follow through as a result. So they consider outsourcing to lighten their load.

For centuries, wages between countries differ and now companies can discover cost advantages. With outsourcing, you can find an abundant skilled labour force available around the globe and any business can be economically efficient. But what is the point of outsourcing? You get your money’s worth it.

Successful outsourcing means reduced costs and maintained, if not better level of quality. When you outsource programming, for example, it is best to outsource non-core functions so you can free up time and resources. This allows you to focus on marketing, business development, and other core functions that impact your ultimate goal. Here’s how to effectively outsource IT services:

  1. Check the skillset of the programmers – You need to also

How to Build Your First Mobile App & Make the Business Big With Apps

There has been a rapid explosion of apps for the past few years and this craze is especially centred towards youngsters. As the number of smart phone users are increasing, the downloading of apps is also increasing. Apps attract millions of people and thus are experiencing a tremendous growth.

App is an abbreviated form of the word “application”. Application in this case refers to a software application. An app typically refers to software used on a smart phone or mobile device such as the Android, iPhone, etc. Apps allows access of all the important information to customers at their fingertips. The fact is, now days a business cannot well flourish without its own app, no matter what the business is.

Importance of Using Apps for the Business:

  • Builds Loyalty
  • Reinforce Brand
  • Increases Visibility and accessibility
  • Exposure through mobile devices
  • Connects to more customers
  • Make fast and large sales

Planning is the first step in any management process. So with little planning and research one can establish an app. Steps for the same.

1. Define goals: Having a clear perspective as to what purpose the app will serve is very important. It is not about going into the technicalities, but a rough idea about what problems will the app solve

Why Developing a Website in PHP Is a Techno-Smart Idea

It is undoubtedly a true fact that a strong online presence is a prerequisite for any business to grow by leaps and bounds. For this, you need a compelling website. The moment you think of developing a website, you must think of considering a PHP web development company. Actually, the top reasons behind the popularity of PHP lie in the following-

  • Technical user-friendliness
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Compatibility standards

As per the news reports of January 2016, around 250 million websites were developed in PHP. The PHP coding can very easily be used with HTML and other different web frameworks and template engines. The programming which is done in PHP includes a wide array of solutions such as CMS based Shopping Carts, E-commerce Solutions, Customer Relationship Management, Chat software and Discussion Forum. Various ERP software companies also embrace a PHP Platform to render outcomes as per the customers’ expectations.

The expert developers dexterously make use of the below-mentioned features of PHP to accomplish the coding of websites belonging to different genres-

  • It is very much extensible and easier for programmers/developers to do high degree of customization in different web application development processes.
  • Since it is an open source; therefore, the cost of the development job is lesser.
  • This language enjoys